Type hinting and Mypy

Python is dynamic typed language, but static type variable can be possible if we use type annotations. Python 3.5 and later versions have functionality of type hinting. Though It is completely optional. [Read More]
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Run ManageIQ using Docker

Containerize ManageIQ

Docker image for ManageIQ is available. It can be run in Docker container. There are also other options like Public cloud or Vagrant to get started with ManageIQ. It can run everywhere Docker is available. [Read More]
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What is ManageIQ?

Discover, Optimize and Control your Hybrid IT

In simplest form, ManageIQ is the management platform for Hybrid cloud. It gives an easy way to manage instances on private and public cloud. It supports technologies like virtual machines, containers. It displays the state of environment in the browser. It provides option to control chargeback, services to end user.... [Read More]
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